Marie Del Borrello

Back to School Health Tips

This week millions of Australian children return to or start school. Here are some of our tips on how to help your child navigate into a healthy and happy new school year.


Enforce bedtimes:

Getting enough sleep is vital for children’s growth and development – so ensuring your child goes to bed early enough will help them concentrate at school and learn. Children aged 3 to 5 need between 10 and 13 hours’ sleep per night, while children aged 6 to 13 need between 9 and 11 hours’ sleep per night.


Don’t forget about exercise.

There are so many benefits of daily exercise for children – from improved concentration and better self-confidence to stronger muscles and bones. Research also suggests that physical activity helps to reduce the risk of children developing health problems in later life. Although it’s not possible for every family, you could try walking or riding a bike to school. Exercising as a family can make it more fun and also helps keep you accountable.


Get into a routine:

Start getting ready for the school year by putting the new routine into place before school starts. Establish consistent routines for morning, after school, and bedtime.


Handle head lice:

Lice move between children’s heads during school playtime making them difficult to prevent. These tiny insects may not be dangerous and don’t spread diseases, but their bites can cause itching and irritation.


Tying back long hair and reminding your child to avoid head-to-head contact with other kids will help avoid lice. However, if your child does have lice you should follow the steps hereto treat it. Schools have different policies when it comes to head lice, so notify your school to find out if your child needs to be excluded from class until after treatment.

You can view our range of products to combat head lice here.


The school term can be an exciting and rewarding time. If you have any concerns about your child’s wellbeing or their feelings towards school, you can visit one of these sites for advice:


Kids Helpline

Raising Children Network