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At Michael’s Chemist, we stock a large range of BioCeuticals items online at competitive prices.

 BioCeuticals is an Australian company that produces practitioner-only nutritional and therapeutic supplements.


The process for buying BioCeuticals at Michael’s Chemist online is slightly different to buying other vitamins and supplements.



Here are some of our BioCeuticals frequently asked questions.


How do I view the price of a BioCeuticals item?

Only registered Michael’s Chemist members may view the price of a BioCeuticals item. Creating an account with us is easy and takes less than 1 minute! You can create your Michael’s Chemist account here (hyperlink:


How do I purchase a BioCeuticals item?

You may purchase a BioCeuticals item online at Michael’s Chemist once you have completed a consultation that has been reviewed and approved by one of our Pharmacists.


Once you have completed your consultation form, it gets sent to our Pharmacists for review. While your consult is under review, you will be able to request to purchase BioCeuticals items. This sends a notification to our Pharmacists of the products you wish to purchase.


If your consultation gets approved, then you will receive a confirmation email from us containing the products you requested to purchase. From this email you will then have the ability to complete your purchase.


If your consultation is rejected then we will be in touch via email to let you know.


If you have any questions regarding this process please get in touch with our Customer Service team at



Why do I need to complete a consultation?

Only customers who have completed a consultation with us that has been approved by one of our Pharmacists may purchase BioCeuticals items. This is a BioCeuticals regulation and is a process we must follow in order to stock their practitioner-only products online.


Why do I need to complete another consultation, I already did it once?

We require consultations for each individual BioCeutical item. This is because there is different ingredients in each product that may influence whether your consultation gets approved or not (for example, you may have an allergy to an ingredient in one BioCeuticals product but not another).


Our consultation answers last for 48hrs. If you complete a consultation and then come back after 48 hours then you will be required to complete another consultation.


I still need help purchasing BioCeuticals products, who do I contact?

If you need any help creating your Michael’s Chemist account or completing your consultation, please get in touch with our Customer Service team at

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