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Disclaimer: BioCeuticals is a practitioner-only brand. Only patients who have completed an online questionnaire or consultation with us may have access to purchase BioCeuticals products on this site


Michael’s Chemist stock a large range of BioCeuticals products online. Our loyal customers love BioCeuticals, and for good reason.

BioCeuticals is an Australian company that produces practitioner-only, high-quality nutritional and therapeutic supplements.
For this reason, buying a BioCeuticals item online is slightly different to buying any of our other Vitamins and Supplements.


Frequently Asked Questions about BioCeuticals


Why do I need to create an account with you?


You are required to complete a short consultation questionnaire at checkout so that our Pharmacists can determine if these practitioner-only products are suitable for you. By having a registered account, we are able to easily get in contact with you if our pharmacists have any questions regarding consultation that they need to discuss with you. This is a requirement of dispensing BioCeuticals online.


Why do I need to complete a consultation?


You will complete a short consultation questionnaire at checkout, this is a requirement of dispensing BioCeuticals products online. Our Pharmacists review your consult prior to your order being sent out. This is so that they can determine if these products are best suited for you.

You will need to complete a consultation every time you place a BioCeuticals order. This is just in case any of your medical information has changed since your last order.


Is my information safe?


Yes. Your data is encrypted on our website and your consultation responses are not distributed to any third party. Your consult is reviewed by our Pharmacy Staff so that they can determine if the BioCeuticals product is suitable for you.


You may opt-in to Marketing information if you wish.


Do you price match-instore?


Our online store is separate to our physical locations in Western Australia and we do not offer in-store price matching.


We do offer click and collect out of all our 4 Western Australian locations.


You can view more information on our pricing here.

I still need help purchasing BioCeuticals products, who do I contact?


If you need any help creating your Michael’s Chemist account or completing your consultation, please get in touch with our Customer Service team at



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