Medical Certificates

At Michael’s Health Care Chemists our pharmacists are able to provide a medical certificate to cover absences from work in just 15 minutes, no appointment necessary.


What Is A Medical Certificate?

A medical certificate is a certified document that can be provided by a suitably qualified health professional or medical practitioner, such as a general practitioner in your local doctor’s office, your dentist or your local pharmacist.



Why Do I Need A Medical Certificate?

In order to satisfy the requirements of many work places the law states that to be eligible for compensation for time missed at work due to illness your employer may ask to see a medical certificate provided by a licensed medical professional. Typically, most people think they need to visit their doctor to obtain one, however medical certificates can also be issued by your local chemist.



How To Get A Medical Certificate

Obtaining a medical certificate when you are feeling unwell can be a daunting task. No appointment is necessary to obtain a medical certificate from Michael’s Health Care Chemist, come in to any of our stores and after a short consultation with one of our highly trained pharmacists, a sick leave certificate / medical certificate can be provided for a 24 hour period. Medical certificates from our pharmacies are only valid for the day that you obtain them however a full record is kept of your consultation and the certificate can be issued for future reference if needed.



Local Medical Certificates

With locations in North Perth, Wembley and Claremont, Michael’s Health Care Chemists can provide you with the medical certificate you need quickly, so you can focus on recovering and getting back to work. Just come in and ask our pharmacists for a medical certificate right away. To find or contact our stores please visit the Claremont, North Perth or Wembley stores.

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