Consultations and Other Services

Our highly trained pharmacists are medication experts. They also have extensive knowledge of all aspects of primary healthcare including wound care, therapeutic skincare, first aid, vitamins and natural therapies, as well as minor ailments and complaints.



When asking for medications our pharmacists will assess your condition and provide you with the best solution possible.


We may ask the following questions to ensure we give you the best advice:

    • Who is the medication for?
    • What are the symptoms?
    • Has anything been tried before?
    • Are other medications being taken?
    • Do other health conditions apply?


Our pharmacists aim to provide you with a total healthcare solution, so they will always advise on all aspects of treatment. This means we may provide you with medicines, complimentary therapies and non drug treatments to put you on the speedy path to recovery.


So whether you have a mild headache, are trying to quit smoking, or need cold and flu treatment speak with one of our pharmacists to receive a full service consultation. To find or contact our Michael’s Health Care Chemist stores please visit the Claremont, North Perth or Wembley stores.



Wound Care

Our Pharmacists can dress a range of wounds and show you how to apply the dressings to speed the healing process. We can also help you select the products you need to create a reliable first aid kit for your specific needs.




Our staff can assist you with measurements and choosing the best Brace, Support, Compression Stocking or Orthotic.



Medical Device Demonstration

Our staff can show you how to use a range of devices including Blood Pressure Monitors, Blood Glucose Machines, Vaporisers, Nebulisers and Spacers.



Michael’s Paracetamol

Do you have trouble getting your sick kids to take paracetamol? At Michael’s Health Care Chemist we understand, which is why we have developed our own range of paracetamol suspensions. Your kids can choose their own flavour to ensure they get a full, hassle free dose of medication. Our flexible dosing guide means our formulation is suitable for kids from 1 year of age.



With a tailored medication made especially for your little one, you can relax and focus on the most important thing – helping them to feel better.



If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us either by phone, email or in person at our Claremont, North Perth or Wembley stores.

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