Medication Packing

At Michael’s Chemist, we offer a medication packing service where our brand of choice is Webster-Pak. Medication packing is the organisation and preparation of your medications into dosing times within one pack.

Gone are the days of having multiple bottles/boxes of medications laying around with clients trying to remember what you have and haven’t taken. With medication packing using Webster Pak’s, taking your medication is made easy and efficient.

Our variety of Webster-Pak’s also come with a range of customisable features including colour photos on each pack, multiple languages and different pack types. More so, Webster-Pak’s offer clear distinctive visual clues, which makes taking or administering medication easy. Webster-Pak’s offer peace of mind to patients, relatives, carers and loved ones.

Concession Card

Concession medication packing includes, one free pack per week*
$11.95 shipping available*


Standard medication packing from,
$5 per week*
$11.95 shipping available*

Terms and Conditions apply for all medication packing services, for more information please contact us.

Types of Packs

Webster-Pak Community

Webster-Pak 28

Flexi-Pak Cold Seal

Webster-Pak Low Vision

This pack offers a safe and convenient way to manage your daily medications. It allows for easy tracking of doses and includes comprehensive labelling and visual cues for an easy to use system.

  • Image of patient on the front of the pack to help easily identify the right pack for the right person.
  • Has flexible dosage times.
  • Includes features for different needs; low vision packs, Parkinson’s packs and Multi-lingual packs

Aconvenient and disposable alternative to the Webster-Pak community. Includes robust cardboard frame that provides support for the pack with the convenience of being able to discard it completely once used. This is especially ideal for patients that are unable to return frames to the pharmacy.

  • Convenient and disposable packaging.
  • Distinctive visual cues.

The Flexi-Pak cold seal allows you to tear offany dosages for on the go.

  • Different blister sizes appropriate for thenumber of medication of a patient.
  • Perforations in blister allow for easy removalof dosages, keeping the remainder of the doses intact.
  • Each compartment contains patients full name,dosage time and day and list of medications contained within that compartment.
  • Completely disposable.

Webster-Pak LV is a high contrast pack for people with low vision. The pack features larger font and white text on a black background which makes it easier to read. Upper and lower (sentence) case textis proven to be easier for people to recognise words from their shape, and hence easier to identify the relevant day and dosage time.

Our Packing Process

  • We receive your scripts to keep on file for dispensing of medications.
  • We create a medication profile for you with Webster care software.
  • An expert pharmacist dispenses your medication in preparation for packing.
  • Using Webster cares MedsPro technology, your medication is packed by a robot while being supervised by a packing specialist with over 10 years of experience in medication management.
  • Your medication packs are sealed and prepared for collection.

What our customers think

    Lina, Medication Packing Specialist

    Medication compliance is one of the biggest issues in our industry. By using Webster-Paks, patients can have peace of mind knowing they are taking the right dose at the right time.

    Joyce, Pharmacist

    We have been providing medication packing services to Perth facilities for decades. Our strengths are our accuracy, speed of delivery and medication profiling.

    Elaine, Pharmacist

    Our community patients love our 4 week free trial. It gives them a great sample of using Webster-Paks so they can experience the ease and benefits over a good amount of time.

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