Claudia Holmes

Top 3 Body Moisturisers for Dry Sensitive Skin

This blog post has been written by one of our staff members, Claudia.


Dry skin is often associated with colder weather in winter, but a lot of people also get dry skin from the lack of moisture in dry summer air. For some of us, we get dry skin all year round!


As someone who has extremely dry and sensitive skin, I thought that I’d give you my top three tried and tested moisturisers that you need to implement into your skincare routine to help keep your skin moisturised and nourished all year long. 



1. DermaVeen Extra Hydration Intensive Moisturising Cream 1kg


DermaVeen Extra Hydration Intensive Moisturising Cream at Michael's Chemist


This rich hydrating cream is specifically formulated for extra dry skin to replenish and then lock in the skins moisture. Enriched with Shea Butter, this cream is super moisturising and leaves my skin feeling silky smooth! This product is free of alcohol, fragrance, lanolin, paraben, and artificial colours so it doesn’t irritate my sensitive skin at all.


I like to apply this cream to my whole body after I have a shower, either in the morning or evening. Although it is a thicker cream, it spreads on the skin easily and absorbs very quickly – a little bit goes a long way! Whenever I use this cream my skin is left feeling hydrated but not greasy like other thicker moisturisers. 


This product is also great value for money at $26.95* for 1kg!

 Shop here


*online only price at Michael’s Chemist


2. Alpha Keri Intensive Recovery Body Cream

    Buy Alpha Keri Super Hydrating Intensive Cream at Michael's Chemist


    This is a rich cream that provides intensive nourishment and hydration to the skin all day long.


    The cream is non-comedogenic dermatologist formula, which means that it formulated to not cause blocked pores, making it great to use if you have very dry skin on your face (does anyone else get those pesky dry patches?). It is also fragrance free and pH balanced which is fabulous for sensitive skin.


    This rich cream provides intensive 24 hour nourishment and hydration to dry skin. It is also great for the entire body, including those extra dry skin areas like heels, elbows and knees.


    Although it is a thicker product, I find it absorbs into the skin very quickly.


     Shop Alpha Keri Intensive Recovery Body Cream for $13.95 (online only price) at Michael's Chemist.

    3. Palmers Cocoa Butter Lotion Pump 400mL

    Buy Palmer's Cocoa Butter Moisturiser at Michael's Chemist


    This moisturiser not only smells AMAZING thanks to the pure Cocoa Butter, but it also leaves skin feeling extremely soft.


    Thanks to the addition of Vitamin E, this product may also help you improve the appearance of scars, stretch marks and other skin imperfections over time.


    If you do not like a stronger scent in your moisturiser you may want to give this one a miss, but if you are a sucker for a summery coconut smell like me you might love this!


    This lotion absorbs into the skin quite well, however I prefer to use this as a night time moisturiser as it has a bit of a richer and thicker texture once applied to the skin compared to other moisturisers.


     Shop Palmer's Cocoa Butter Lotion for $8.95 (online only price) at Michael's Chemist. 



    I hope this helps all of my dry-skinned friends find a new holy grail moisturiser!


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