Safety Net Monitoring and Records


The safety net is the program in place to ensure that those in our community who are required to take substantial amounts of medications are not disadvantaged financially. There are a number of government regulations and rules in relation to the safety net and our pharmacists will assess your safety net entitlements each and every time you present your prescriptions for dispensing.



We are always available to discuss any questions you may have particularly in relation to the co-payment discounts and how it may affect your safety net entitlements later in the year.




 At Michaels Health Care Chemists we keep accurate and up to date dispensing records of all prescription medications for you and your family. Upon request we are able to provide you with the following:


Safety Net Records:


Our dispensing system will keep accurate records of you and your family’s dispensed medications and track your safety net entitlement.

Once you have reached your total for the year we can issue a safety net entitlement card, ensuring you gain the maximum prescription benefits you are entitled to.


Please note, our dispensing systems are only able to monitor and tally prescriptions dispensed in our stores. For privacy reasons dispensing systems are not linked together and any prescriptions dispensed elsewhere will need to be monitored manually. For assistance with manual monitoring please ask one of our pharmacists.


For more information on the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme Safety Net go to



Tax Records:


Are you claiming all of the tax benefits you are able to?

Our dispensing programs can quickly and easily give you a printout and a total of all prescription medicines you have had dispensed in a financial year.

This gives you the peace of mind to know that you are able to claim your maximum benefits at tax time.


Please note our dispensing systems are only able to provide records for items dispensed in our stores. You will need to manually collate any items dispensed elsewhere.



Medication History:


Our dispensing programs are able to provide you with a detailed dispensing history of all your prescription medications. From this report you will be able to see all of the medicines you have had dispensed, including the doctor who prescribed them.


Our pharmacists are also able to provide you with a medication summary. This details all of your prescription medications that have been dispensed, and lists the following information in an easy to read chart:


  • Medication Name.
  • Brand Name.
  • Strength.
  • Directions.
  • Quantity Supplied.
  • Number of repeats available at the time of printing.


    This summary is perfect to have if you are travelling, to give to family members or simply to have on hand in the event of an emergency.


    For further information or to have a medication summary prepared please don’t hesitate to contact us by filling out the information below.


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