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Urinary Tract Infection and Thrush are two common health conditions experienced by women. Here is some more information about the two conditions and treatment options available.



Urinary Tract Infection

A Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) is caused by bacteria entering the urinary tract, leading to an infection in the bladder, urethra, ureters (urine tubes) or kidneys. If untreated, UTIs can lead to kidney infection, so it’s important to seek advice from a health professional for early management.


If you have a UTI, initial symptoms may include: burning or stinging while urinating, a frequent urgency to urinate and an uncomfortable feeling in your lower abdomen.


Any experience of blood present in the urine requires urgent medical attention.


Over The Counter treatments for UTI’s include cranberry supplements and urinary alkalisers. Cranberry supplements help to line the inside of the urinary tract and prevent bacteria from sticking. They also help to relieve symptoms. Urinary alkalisers help to relieve the burning sensation by making urine less acidic. In some cases, however, you may need to visit your GP for a prescription antibiotic.


Speak to one of our pharmacists, whose expert knowledge can help you determine the best course of action.




Thrush is an infection with a fungus. It is also known as a yeast infection. The fungus, called Candida, occurs naturally in the body, particularly in warm, moist areas. Thrush often occurs when there is a change in the environment of the vagina. These changes can happen due to stress, heat and some medications; such as oral contraceptive pills. The use of antibiotics can also lead to a change in the environment of the vagina. Antibiotics can kill of good bacteria and allow candida to overgrow.


Symptoms of thrush include redness, irritation, itching, discomfort and white/off white discharge with no odour.


There are many over the counter treatments available for treating thrush. It is best to discuss with our pharmacists to determine the best option for your situation and whether a referral to a GP is required. Treatment for thrush includes anti-fungal medicines which can be taken orally to treat the cause of the infection or applied directly to the site of the infection. Furthermore, a probiotic may be used to treat a specific strain of thrush which is specific to the genitourinary tract. A probiotic can help increase the levels of good bacteria which then inhibits the candida from growing. Speak to our pharmacists for advice in choosing the best product for you.



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