Travel Health Advice


The number of Australians travelling overseas is increasing each year. When we travel, we leave behind familiar health and medical systems. It is important to prepare properly before travelling to avoid illness.




Insects such as mosquitos and ticks can carry disease such as malaria, dengue fever and yellow fever. It is important to protect yourself against insects by wearing protective clothing and insect repellents. An insect repellent containing DEET provides the strongest protection against insect bites. Other repellents available include wristbands and ultrasonic repellents which can be worn at all times. See our range of insect repellents.



First Aid

It is always important to keep a first aid kit with you when you travel. Cuts, grazes and bruises are common when hiking and reducing the risk of wound infections is crucial. Bandaids, wound dressings, and antiseptic creams are essential. See our range of First Aid products.



Sun Protection

Many people travel in summer, and it is important to cover up. A good sunscreen, either SPF 30+ or 50+ will provide broad spectrum protection from both UVA and UVB rays. In the case of sunburn, aloe vera gel soothes and cools the area. Long periods in the sun can cause dehydration, so it is important to drink clean water, and in the event of dehydration, an electrolyte replacement fluid is essential. See our Skin & Suncare range.



Gastrointestinal Health

Travelling to different cultures can mean trying different foods. Sometimes experiences with different foods can lead to vomiting and diarrhoea. To prevent this, a shelf-stable probiotic is recommended to restore good bacteria to the gut. Medications to treat diarrhoea and stomach cramps are also important. See our Digestive Health range.



Plane Travel

Many people can experience nausea when travelling on airplanes or boats. Travel sickness tablets should be taken 30 minutes prior to travel to avoid this. Airplanes can be cold, dry environments, causing dry noses and eyes. Moisturising nasal sprays and gels and eye drops should be used to prevent irritation. See our Travel range.



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Travelling with Children: A guide from The Pharmacy Guild of Australia.


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