E-Scripts (Electronic Prescriptions)

What is an electronic prescription?
An electronic prescription is a prescription that is created electronically and sent to your mobile device or computer. It can be used just like a paper prescription to obtain medications from your pharmacy.

Can I still receive a paper prescription if I prefer?
Yes, paper prescriptions will still be an option. You can choose between receiving a paper prescription or an electronic one.

How will I receive my electronic prescription?
When your doctor issues an electronic prescription, they will send a 'Token' to your mobile device or computer.

What does the token look like?
The token may come in the form of an SMS, email message, or appear in your MedAdvisor app with a barcode and details about your medication.

 What technology is required for electronic prescriptions?
You will need a mobile phone or a computer to use electronic prescriptions.

What are the advantages of electronic prescriptions?
Electronic prescriptions offer convenient access to medications and enhance patient safety by reducing the chance of errors in transcription. They are particularly useful for Telehealth appointments and help minimize the risk of spreading infections in GP waiting areas.

Is My Health Record necessary for electronic prescriptions?
No, having a My Health Record is not a requirement for using electronic prescriptions.

How secure is the electronic prescription system?
Electronic prescriptions are held to a high standard of privacy and security. Your prescription is safeguarded and can only be accessed by your pharmacy with your provided token.

Can all medications be prescribed using electronic prescriptions?
Yes, there are currently no limitations on which medications can be prescribed electronically.

Will I receive a separate token for each prescribed medication?
Yes, you will receive a unique token for each medication. If you have repeat prescriptions, a new token will be sent for each refill.

How can I determine which token was used for my medication?
We have the ability to verify the token used, but once your medicine has been dispensed, we recommend deleting the token associated with that specific medication.

What should I do if I misplace my token?
If you lose your token, it's important to contact your doctor promptly to cancel the electronic prescription and request a new token to be issued.

What is the Active Script List (ASL)?
The ASL is a compilation of your current medications that can be dispensed to you. You can manage this list yourself or grant permission for your pharmacist to access it.

Can someone else collect my medications on my behalf?
Yes, a family member or agent can collect your medication as they do with paper prescriptions. Simply provide them with the token containing the barcode to present at the pharmacy and unlock the electronic prescription.

Do I need to visit the pharmacy to pick up my medication?
We provide delivery services. By registering on the MedAdvisor app, you can conveniently send us your electronic prescriptions, prepay, and arrange for delivery.

How can I ensure that the SMS or email containing the token is legitimate?
For security purposes, it's advisable to check that you have received the token before leaving the doctor's office or concluding a telehealth consultation to validate its authenticity.

If I receive an electronic prescription, will I need one for each refill?
No, the decision to opt for electronic or paper prescriptions rests with you.

Will my repeat prescriptions also be electronic with an electronic prescription?
Yes, all repeat prescriptions linked to the initial electronic prescription will also be electronic. New tokens will be issued for any repeats after the prescription has been dispensed. These tokens should be retained for future use. The MedAdvisor App can store all your tokens until you require a refill.

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