MedAdvisor helps you easily manage medications for you and your family, under the guidance of your trusted pharmacist. 


Almost half of all Australian patients do not take their medications correctly. MedAdvisor helps you take the right medicine at the right time, with no unexpected delays between scripts. 

If you have any concerns, you can even communicate with your pharmacist through the app.



How It Works

MedAdvisor is a free App that links you directly with your trusted pharmacist. It makes it easier to manage medications for you and your family, and saves you time.


To register for the App, you need to see your pharmacist, who will provide an activation code.


It’s Your Pharmacy App: Once you activate MedAdvisor, it will connect with your local pharmacy and display your pharmacy’s logo, branding and other details.


This App enables your trusted pharmacists to provide ongoing and convenient support for when you leave their store through safe technology solutions (Click here for more information about the App developer).


Your trusted pharmacist is your single point of contact for any queries about the information in your app and the features available to you. For this reason you can only link with one pharmacy to maintain integrity of your health records. If you are caring for other family members, your pharmacist can set up links to their profiles, with the appropriate consents and permissions.


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